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Welcome to Shower Gurus!

If you’re looking to upgrade your shower this year to a more modern, cost-effective and fabulous looking shower system – then let the Guru help you with making that decision! We’ve compiled some awesome guides to help get you started with your shower upgrade. First, make sure to check out our Top Waterfall / Rainfall Shower Head Guide 2020 for an up-to-date and no-nonsense guide to some awesome waterfall and rainfall shower head options. Second, take a look at our guide to the Top 5 Best Semi-Frameless Shower Doors 2020 too! We know that you’ll be inspired to make the right purchase choice for your bathroom after reading our Guru’s Guides today!

Shower Gurus T-Shirts Coming Soon!

To celebrate the success of our website we will soon be launching our very own Shower Gurus T-shirts. They will clearly show the SG brand and will be available on a wide selection of colors and sizes. We’re collaborating with a T-shirt store that’s been in the business a number of years now but this will a be a first time exploring the Shower niche for them. If you want to learn more about the store we will be working with – feel free to check them out at geek