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Shower Doors and Enclosures – Top 10 Guide

Top 5 Shower Doors 2016/17


A new shower door is an economical and practical way to refresh your bathroom. Whether you are designing a new bathroom or updating your current shower, the right shower door can transform the look of your bathroom. While a simple shower curtain is enough to keep water off your bathroom floor, shower doors provide a great solution for privacy, water-tight seals and easy access to your shower. There are a lot of shower door options on the market. Finding the best option for your shower can be confusing. Especially, if this is your first time choosing shower door. No need to worry. Here we have a guide about 5 great shower doors and enclosures that you should consider for your shower.

Enigma-X is 56 to 60” wide, 76” long, with 29 1/8” panel and 22 to 26” door walk-in. It comes with stainless steel guide bar which can be trimmed up to 4” for width adjustment. Not only that, this shower door also comes with anti-splash threshold, which can prevent water spills.

Aston SDR983 specifications:
• Frameless 60” x 75” hinge shower door
• Stationary glass panel, complete with two built-in glass shelves system
• Premium, clear ¼ inches tempered safety glass (ANSI Z97.1 Certified)
• Deluxe clear strips, compliments the frameless design as well as prevent leakage

The Visions is 56 to 60” wide, 72” tall. It comes with frameless glass design. The anodized aluminum wall profiles allow you to have up to 1″ vertical adjustment on each side. If you want, you can adjust the Visions by trimming the aluminum top and bottom guide rails up to 4” for width adjustment. It has 12 ¾” stationary panels.

Infinity can be applied to tile or fiberglass shower bases. Its curb, which is designed to repel water, is 1.56” wide. Infinity can be installed for right or left entry. Depending on your shower dimensions, the walk through area vary, ranging from 18.31 to 21.31” wide.

In short, Fluence features
• ¼” thick tempered glass
• European style frameless door
• Quiet, smooth sliding action because of its continuous door panel guide mechanism
• Easy installations with out of plumb adjustability
• Easy cleanup as it has CleanCoat glass coating which repels water
• Out-of-plumb adjustability, which allows for easy installations
• CleanCoat glass coating repels water for easy cleanup

Top 5 Full Shower Enclosures 2016/17/17

Other than the kitchen, bathroom is considered to be the most second important room in the house. Which means that buying a shower enclosure will be an investment into your house. And yes, it will also be a part of your life for years to come. That’s why it is important to consider the best options you have before buying.

In term of design, there a lot of options out there. The question is this: which one is the right one for you? You will want a shower enclosure that is not only provides function but also comfort and style as well. You don’t have to browse lots of shower enclosure to find that. You can read our recommendations below.

Winslow’s stainless steel construction ensures superior durability and quality, which the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee to never rust. The rollers are specially designed to provide you with smooth, effortless moving. A top rail support offers wall anchoring as well as reinforces wall stability. The shower enclosure’s clear seal strips keep your shower watertight, preventing any leakage.

The Vanora is designed with 10mm, ANSI certified frosted or clear tempered glass, with options of finish from oil rubbed bronze, brushed stainless steel to chrome finish on its stainless steel hardware. It has other useful features as well, such as self-closing hinges and premium leak-seal clear strips.

Cornerview comes with 5/32” clear tempered glass, full-length magnetic strip (for watertight closure), sliding center opening and ½” adjustment for each side for out of plumb walls. It also has fiberglass reinforcement as well, boosting its durability.

Monteray has full-length door magnetic seal strips, clear side seal strips as well as seal strips which run through its hinges, all prevent leakage. It has solid brass construction hardware that will neither scratch or chip off nor rust as well. It is guaranteed for life for those qualities. Moreover, it has self-closing hinges and a fixed arm, allowing smooth door closure and wall anchoring, respectively.

Other great features are its full-length magnetic strip, which ensures watertight closure and curved neo-round design, making a corner installation easier for you. Prime has an acrylic finish, which is both scratch and stain resistant. Its durability is reinforced with fiberglass as well.

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