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Here are the Best Waterfall Shower Head products of 2021: ⬇️

In this guide I’m going to show you 5 of the top-selling waterfall and rainfall shower heads and shower systems on the market right now. The 5 products we’ve chosen to show you are hot-selling shower products right now and we’ve noticed that there’s been quite a price range in what’s been selling so, for that reason we’re going to start of with the least expensive one of the 5 and then we’ll move through to the more expensive options currently available so let’s get started.

The first product is this high pressure shower head by Meesun. It comes in either an 8″ square rain shower head with an 11″ adjustable extension arm. Or, you can go for the 12″ shower head with arm. It’s the same arm, but the 12″ shower head is option is slightly more expeensive and it looks pretty good. So let’s have a look at some its features. So the rain shower head, in this case – we’re going for the 12″ option is made from stainless steel, and it’s corrosion resistant, and highly durable. It has an adjustable extension arm as you can see clearly in the picture which is 11″ long. It’s very easy to install, you can install in seconds according to the listing. And you don’t need any tools, simply screw it on, and turn on your new waterfall shower. And it claims that the water pressure is good too. Let’s take a look at some of the images below. So it’s chrome-plated, adjustable, with self-cleaning flexible silicone nozzles, with no clogging and dripping.

Let’s have a look at the second option, this is the Dream Spa: Ultra-Luxury 9″ Rainfall Shower Head and Handheld Combo. So, unlike the first one, this Dream Spa comes with a handheld shower wand as well. With a convenient push button flow control for an easy one-handed operation.

Let’s have a look at some its features first. The rainfall shower combo is push button and flow control. It has an extra large rain shower head that comes with a 9″ face as standard whereas with the Meesun shower head, you could get a 12″ head. But with the Dream Spa, you get a 9″ face for the rain shower head itself. And it says it has an angle-adjustable solid brass ball joint for a reliable, leak free connection. It also has a premium all-chrome finish, which as you can see looks great in the picture. A handheld shower with a push flow control can be used as an over-head or a hand-held shower. It has en extra-large, 4.75″ face for a wider water flow coverage. Installation is tools-free.

The third option I’m going to show you is slightly more expensive. It’s the Saeuwtowy 20” Large Rainfall Shower Head. The reason that I’m showing you this, although there’s not many ratings yet, is because of its sheer size – 20” is, well, quite unusual for rainfall shower heads. So, if you want this kind of real, rainfall, waterfall experience, as you can see in the picture here, this is a great option. And it has a nice brushed nickel finish, an ultra thin rainfall massage shower system. Which if we do take a look at some of the pictures you can see here, the thickness is actually 2mm – at the bottom of the shower head, which it says increases the water pressure by up to 100%. It has a mesh filter to remove any sediments. You can also hang this rainfall shower head from the ceiling using its hooks.

The forth option is the AKDY 39” Wall Mount – Easy connect – Rainfall Multi Function Shower Panel. So it is a complete system, and as you can see it looks fantastic. It’s 39” from the top to the bottom, it’s got high ratings and we think it’s very stylish looking. Having a look at some of the product pictures, you can see that it’s possible to switch it between rainfall, waterfall, side spray as well as the hand wand setting. So 4 different options controlled by the dial in the middle. I think it’s an awesome, modern style shower system. Now it should be noted that this hasn’t got a hot or cold mixing valve so you would need that already if you want to control the temperature of the water. So, it’s more an addition to an existing bathroom setup – an upgrade if you like. Not really suitable for creating a new bathroom space from scratch.

This is the fifth and final waterfall shower head system of this guide. It’s made by Embather, and it’s a beautiful, high-quality shower system. This is the Embather Venetian Bronze Shower System. 12” Shower Faucet Set with Square Rain Shower Head and a Handheld Shower Combo Set. So it comes in either a beautiful Venetian bronze in the highest price option or in a chrome classic color option, a brushed nickel or a black version which are a bit cheaper. It has an 8 layer chrome finish and has fast installation in minutes. So what’s included in the box? Everything from a handheld shower head, adjustable shower holder, pressure balancing valve, 71” shower hose, a 10” shower head, a 16” shower arm and a shower control valve.

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